Tuesday, November 18, 2014


On November 10th we hit Zion National Park in Utah. This was another park that we entered after dark so we could not see its beauty until the next day. We talked with a ranger at the Visitor Center to get information on trails and bouldering. We decided to do the strenuous and treacherous Angel’s Landing hike followed by Emerald Pools. The landscape at Zion was interesting with both cactus and tall leafy trees. The mountains were towering, rocky, and seemed impossible to summit.

Angel’s Landing was a paved and steady trail with many switchbacks at first, then the luxurious flat trail disappears into a very steep and exposed rocky trail with heavy chains installed to aid hikers to the crowded summit.

While we were enjoying the views Mike made friends with a hyperactive Chipmunk who was difficult to photograph, but I got him!

Our afternoon hike to Emerald Pools was a disappointing sandy hike to some muddy pools. We realized it was not the hike we thought it was. Oh well! The hike was a short 3 miles so we were back at the van early enough to get in some roadside bouldering.

Fees Waived with Annual Pass:

Carlsbad Caverns National Park $20
Petrified Forest National Park $10
Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument $10
Wupatki National Monument $10
Grand Canyon National Park $25
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area $15

Zion National Park $25

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