Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Back to the Rock

We’ve spent the past two days in our beloved Slade, KY. We got in some great climbing and great sleeping! It seems like it’s still dark past 7am here and we’ve been falling asleep early. God I love vacation!

So Monday we hit Muir Valley to climb at Great Wall and Practice Wall. For the first time ever Mike and I are climbing at the same level, which means there is an upside to Mike needing wrist surgery! I hung the draws for the first route so Mike could safely test out his wrist, and all went well. We did every easy climb we cloud find (everything 5.7 and below) and had a great day at The Red followed by the best pizza in Kentucky.

Day two of climbing was even better, despite a shaky start. We were at Muir Valley again at Bruise Brothers Wall warming up on a short 5.7 next to a guided group. The guide began talking about all of the terrible climbing incidents he’s witnessed and heard of and it was all I could hear. He was making a point about helmets to his group, and he was totally correct, but talk about your brains splattering on a rock makes a 5.7 feel super hard! Luckily that group moved along and things got better. We did a couple more 5.7 climbs, then finished up with an awesome 5.9-. Unfortunately climbing as a pair means no climbing photos, but we had a great two days of climbing and now we’re off to Mammoth Cave National Park!

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